Kathleen Meredith

Kathleen Meredith

Marketing Director

Meet Kathleen Meredith, a newly licensed real estate agent who takes great pride in her work in the field of digital marketing.

Kathleen works alongside her husband, Eric Meredith, and is charged with managing the crucial aspects of her company’s marketing, designing, and tools and systems. Her passion for website and graphic design, as well as digital marketing, is an invaluable asset to their business. Kathleen’s BS in Information Technology from the Philippines is one of her most significant strengths, and it enables her to make noteworthy contributions to the company’s growth. She has also completed courses in life coaching, real estate photography, and home staging to better understand and meet the needs of her team and clients.

Kathleen is continuously enhancing her management skills to provide the best possible service to everyone involved.



“I am constantly striving to better myself so that I can provide the best possible service to my community. I am dedicated to developing my skills and talents, which I believe were given to me by a One and Only God so that I can serve His people to the best of my ability. My goal is to be a helpful and fair resource for those who need assistance, and to always prioritize safety and security in everything I do.” – Kathleen


Kathleen Meredith
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